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CDC Capital Partners is a private commercial real estate financing firm whose primary objective is to meet our borrower’s need for short-term bridge financing with efficiency, and flexibility. Our main customers are people interested to purchase commercial real estate assets, to refinance an existing loan, to buy back their own commercial mortgage notes, and to cash out equity or to enter into a joint-venture (JV). As a leading source for bridge financing CDC Capital Partners is also a principal buyer of performing and non performing residential and commercial loan pools and REOs.

Our firm provides commercial real estate financing for owners, sponsors, and borrowers in unique and time-sensitive situations anywhere in the United States. What makes us unique and different from other financing companies? We restructure a deal to meet the specific needs of each client and in doing so we are very creative and flexible. We focus on providing timely, reliable, and customized solutions that are not accessible through traditional lenders. We can close a qualified deal within 21 days

The commercial real estate market is rapidly evolving Often, traditional lenders are too bogged down with red tape and stringent loan requirements to provide the necessary flexible financing solutions. At CDC Capital Partners, we recognize the importance of finding creative solutons to non-conforming opportunities in an expedited manner. Weather you are in need of a time sensitive acquisiton capital funding or a bank workout, CDC Capital Partners can help.  

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Private Banking Services To Investors

CDC Capital Partners is committed to the successful performance of our real estate investment funds and loan portfolios. To learn how to earn 10-12% principal-protected returns in our Private Lenders Network™ through investing in First Position Private Mortgages also known as 1st Lien Trust Deeds, click here.

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